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Crazy Deli Crepes Café opens in West Grove

04/19/2022 11:45AM ● By Steven Hoffman
Crazy Deli Crepes Café is not your typical café. Located at 494 W. Baltimore Pike in West Grove, the new cafe offers up some great tasting food, but making a choice is difficult.
As the name suggests they make crepes, the trouble is deciding between sweet and savory. You may go in thinking sweet crepes, and then you look at the savory. That’s where the problem begins and you start to ask yourself. If I get a savory crepe, can I follow up with a sweet crepe? Of course you can.
Don’t think just because the featured item is crepes doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of choices. Filling those crepes with fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits, and deciding to go gluten free with your crepe is also an option that will please many diners. And they don’t mind helping you create your own recipe. You can also choose a fresh hoagie, panini or bagel, strawberry and Caesar salads and ice cream..
There are lactose-free items, desserts, and fresh made milkshakes, and fruit smoothies. 
Irma Carrillo and Ana Aguilar are the owners. The idea of this crazy café came from two ladies who spent years working at other restaurants and decided one day to open their own. They decided on crepes because they like crepes and thought others would, too.
They have been friends for years. Both are moms, Irma has two teenage daughters and Ana, has two teenage sons. Strong on family, they wanted to create a business where their children could work with them and they wanted a place where families felt comfortable bringing children of all ages.
They like suggestions and really want to know what their customers like.
Carillo explained, “Customers like that they can order what they like. We will customize crepes. Everything is fresh: meats, fruits and vegetables. We really focus on freshness. That is what we want for our families and what we give to our customers.”
The recently remodeled café is still evolving. Plans to develop a patio and provide outside dining is also in the works. They are continually working on additions to the menu.
“We want you to feel comfortable here. We want to make your experience easy and relaxing. We don’t have a TV, we would rather you talk to your friends and family,” Carillo said.
The coffee is great, the service very friendly and the place is immaculate. Having opened in the midst of a pandemic makes cleanliness another plus for diners trying to get back to normal. They are open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
It’s a great place to pick up your morning coffee, a homemade smoothie or a breakfast crepe.
They love their work but the real bonus is working with their children.
“We want our children to learn how to grow a business,” she said. “We want them to develop a good work ethic. Our children get to spend time with their moms and we get to spend time with our children. My daughter helps me with payroll. They can learn with us. At the end of the day we are surprised we are doing this. We thought it would take more time but it hasn’t. We are blessed.”