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Medic 94 receives state funding for equipment upgrades

01/26/2022 12:10PM ● By Steven Hoffman
State Sen. Carolyn Comitta recently secured $50,000 in state funding for Southern Chester County Emergency Medical Services/MEDIC 94 to support the purchase of new Philips Tempus ALS Cardiac Monitor defibrillators, for its licensed paramedic units.
The funding helped put the nonprofit organization over the finish line in its capital campaign to make the vital equipment upgrades to all its paramedic units.
Comitta, who serves on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, said the investments come at a critical time as residents, families and communities in southern Chester County face the impacts of Tower’s Health’s abrupt decision to close Jennersville Hospital.
“Our emergency first responders and response organizations need the most advanced tools and technology to provide the best care to residents in their time of greatest need,” she said. “These investments will help Medic 94 paramedics communicate seamlessly with emergency room doctors when lives are on the line and every second counts. I want to thank all of our paramedics and emergency first responders across Chester County for their ongoing work in the face of the unprecedented challenges of this evolving pandemic, coupled with the impacts of sudden hospital closures.”
The new monitors are critical to expanding the pre-hospital scope of care that first responders can provide while en route to emergency rooms, especially in light of the closure of Jennersville Hospital. They offer a unique combination of diagnostic tools that can communicate vital patient information directly to emergency rooms via a secure, real-time data stream. This complete end-to-end system allows emergency departments to better prepare for rapid treatment, leading to better patient outcomes.
“This valuable funding championed by Senator Comitta will allow MEDIC 94 to purchase this valuable piece of life-saving equipment,” said Bob Hotchkiss, Chief Executive Officer. “Our dedicated and talented paramedics will now have the Philips Tempus ALS monitor available for use with all of our patients.” 
Southern Chester County Emergency Medical Services/Medic 94 updated and replaced its cardiac monitor defibrillators, which are nearing the end of their 15-year lifespan, through funding and support from the community, businesses, and municipalities, as well as the state. It is estimated that the monitors will be used an average of eight times per day, every day for the next 15 years, meaning nearly 44,000 patients will be treated with the Tempest ALS over its lifespan.
Comitta noted that she, along with county officials and the state legislative delegation, continue to work diligently toward a long-term solution for Jennersville and Brandywine Hospitals and the many residents and families who rely on them.
“While these improvements and upgrades may not be a substitute for brick-and-mortar hospitals and emergency rooms, they are much-needed and could not come soon enough to help ensure quality emergency care for our growing population,” she said.
Medic 94 is a regional advanced life support (ALS) service operated by Southern Chester County Emergency Medical Services, Inc., a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 to provide ALS services across southern Chester County. This is accomplished through strong partnerships with fire-company-based ambulance services in Oxford, West Grove, Avondale, and EMS in Cochranville.
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