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East Nottingham plans to keep millage rate at zero for 2022

11/29/2021 10:02PM ● By Steven Hoffman

The East Nottingham Township supervisors indicated at their Nov. 9 meeting that the millage rate will remain at zero for another year.

The budget for 2022 hasn't been adopted yet, but at this point in the year it appears as if next year's spending plan can be finalized without a tax increase. In East Nottingham Township's case, that means a millage rate that will remain at zero for another year.

Suzanne Hamlin, the township's treasurer, noted during the discussion that the township has operated with the millage rate set at zero since 2005.

Supervisor Sam Goodley pointed out that the township does have an open space tax, and all the revenues generated from that tax are utilized for open space purposes. This allows the township to pursue efforts to preserve open space—which township residents have steadfastly supported through the years—while not utilizing money from the township's general fund.

In other business at the meeting, Goodley offered an update about the Oxford Area Sewer Authority. Two years ago, it appeared as if the sewer authority, which is owned by four member municipalities of East Nottingham Township, West Nottingham Township, Oxford Borough, and Lower Oxford Township, was close to being sold to a for-profit entity as a way to address long-standing financial issues. Instead, a consultant was brought in to lead the sewer authority and make the necessary changes that would right the financial ship. Goodley, who represents East Nottingham on the Oxford Area Sewer Authority Board, said, “Things are running pretty smoothly” with the sewer authority's operations.

He added that his term as one of the township's representatives on the Oxford Area Sewer Authority Board is coming to an end at the conclusion of 2021, and he would like to have someone else take over.

“It's a lot of fun,” he joked.

The supervisors adopted a resolution approving the transferable development rights as part of the Wicklow development.

The supervisors also voted to express their support for Douglas E. Weaver with regard to the issue that he is bringing to the township's Zoning Hearing Board. He is seeking some relief from some very specific zoning regulations. The Zoning Hearing Board members can consider the position taken by the board of supervisors as they make their own decisions about whether to approve the request at the conclusion of the hearing. 

In another matter that will be in front of the Zoning Hearing Board, this one concerning the expansion of John Fisher's dog kennel on West Locust Street, the board of supervisors opted to take no position.

The board approved the advertising to appoint the firm of Barbacane Thornton, CPA to conduct the 2021 audit.

Judge Scott Massey, who presides over the District Court in Oxford, was on hand to officially administer the oath of office to Katherine Hanna and Samantha Dunlap, the two seniors from Oxford Area High School who were selected to serve as junior supervisors for this year. Both students reside in the township, making them eligible to serve in the role. The township typically has just one junior supervisor each year, but for this year there are two because Dunlap and Hanna were so qualified based on their school work and extracurricular activities that East Nottingham officials did not want to choose between the two of them. Hanna and Dunlap are taking turns attending the township meetings.