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State Rep. Lawrence issues statement on Jennersville Hospital

10/04/2021 10:54PM ● By Steven Hoffman

State Rep. John Lawrence (R-Chester/Lancaster) issued the following statement concerning Tower Health’s recent decision regarding Jennersville Hospital:    

“Jennersville Hospital has served southern Chester County and the surrounding community since 1959. My family and I have received high-quality, compassionate medical care there many times, including earlier this year.   

“Tower Health purchased the hospital four years ago. Tower came in with new leadership and a promised commitment to the community. As Tower’s financial woes mounted, I was assured that major decisions regarding the future of the facility would be made in consultation with local stakeholders, including me. Unfortunately, Tower did not keep its word to me or the people of our area.

“I learned of the decision to close the hospital from the press release Tower issued on Tuesday. Tower’s abrupt announcement is a betrayal of the trust this community placed in its stewardship. I am disgusted and disappointed that local stakeholders were not consulted prior to this announcement. 

“In addition to operating the only emergency room in our area, Jennersville Hospital hosts the Southern Chester County Emergency Medical Service, also known as Medic 94. A closure of the Jennersville emergency room would directly impact Medic 94 and the already overworked volunteer ambulance services in our area. It would also lead to increased response times for folks in need, as ambulances have further to travel to West Chester or Newark.  

“As a lifelong resident of this area, I want to make it very clear that my focus is on the future of the facility. I am working with several organizations that have expressed interest in the future of the hospital.  I also welcome input from anyone in our community who has suggestions or feedback. Together, we will rise to meet this challenge as we have so many others in recent days.”