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The 'Oracle' of Landenberg

05/06/2021 10:36AM ● By Richard Gaw
This story originally appeared in the 2021 Spring/Summer edition of Landenberg Life

The full breadth of Kristin M. Wistar’s career as a lifestyle designer goes far beyond just the proper placement of furniture. She is a beauty seer, truth seeker, vision keeper and the transformational hostess of The Landenberg Loft


By Ken Mammarella

Contributing Writer

Moving her bed from the east wall to the west and replacing the clock in her office with a mandala are two simple changes that Sacred Lifestyle Designer Kristin M. Wistar has made to increase positive energy to her Landenberg home.

“The new area [for the bed] is a prosperity area of our home where as the old area had the energetics of inner struggle and conflict,” she said. “I felt that by arranging our bed on that wall it was a win-win. I got to receive better nighttime chi because I was facing one of my best directions and receiving more restful sleep, and we both benefited by spending our sleeping time in a prosperous area of our home, instead of the energetics of inner struggle and conflict.

“And since moving the bed we have definitely reached a higher echelon of prosperity.”

                                    *    *    *    *

Kristin M. Wistar’s professional career connects a lifetime of experimentation (starting with frequently redecorating her childhood bedroom in Wilmington) and lots of training (starting with a Bachelor of Science degree in interior design from the University of Delaware) into a business that enlightens her clients.

Wistar shares her expertise in energy to homeowners, homebuyers, business owners and other interested clients, for similar changes in themselves and where they live and work. Often, her work involves “creating a more sacred space, not in a religious sense but in connecting their heart and their home. Whatever you put in your home should support you in a sacred union,” she said.

To support that philosophy, she has trademarked two concepts: The Sacred Space Union Method and The Sacred Space Yoga Method – and refers to her role as a sacred lifestyle designer, a beauty seer, a truth seeker, a vision keeper and a transformational hostess of The Landenberg Loft.

Her husband Scott Wistar jokingly calls his wife “the Oracle. She has dedicated herself to helping people transform,” he said.

Wistar’s career in sacred interior design began to take root after she struggled with postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter Bri in 1998.

“I wasn’t able to work,” she said. “I had to give up my interior design business, and it was like giving up my first baby. There was so much struggle and pain, and I looked at all these ways to heal myself.”

She started with deep inner work. Transcendental Meditation and reiki followed, which was followed by a major breakthrough when Marge Richards, a Feng Shui expert with Graceful Lifestyles, gave Kristin her first a Feng Shui consultation.

“Although I was first doubtful, the Feng Shui consult was surprisingly eye opening, like a really good form of therapy,” she said. “I was able to see deep layers of my inner self showing up in my home through its décor and arrangement. And then make changes that had a significant impact.

“I realized that before Feng Shui came into my life, I decorated my home as Kristin the interior designer, not as who I was and who I was becoming. I bought décor because it was beautiful, but it wasn’t meaningful. There was a disconnect in my home and in my office.
Today, Wistar is certified in several healing techniques that she applies to her profession that include Feng Shui, dowsing, space clearing, light meditation, reiki, interior design as well as yoga and breathwork. In her business, Wistar is also trained in House Whispering by Christian Kyriacou; Psych-K; the emotional freedom technique, also known as EFT; neurolinguistic programming, also known as NLP; and hypnotherapy.

She is also currently training to become a certified Sophia Code leader and facilitate Sophia Code Circles in The Landenberg Loft and virtually in the near future. 

Wistar customizes her techniques to what clients need, and the first part of many consultations is just determining which of her many skills will be needed.

“People call when something is off in their life, whether it is their finances, relationships, health or their life’s path, and they want their home to support them. The deeper we dive, I often can see that their blocks or limiting beliefs go back to their childhood and beyond.”

Some of those blocks include major transitions such as marriage, a death in the family, and becoming empty nesters; financial challenges; facing and recovering from illnesses; emotional problems; sleep disruptions, insomnia and nightmares; relationship issues, including finding a soulmate; buying and selling homes; and personal development.

Kristin offers a free 15-minute introductory conversation, she mostly charges by the hour, and the final bill reflects the complexity of the job and the size of the space.

Making shifts in the energy field

While Wistar’s work often involves recommendations of decluttering and shifting the arrangement of décor, it often goes far beyond that. Her usage of Feng Shui, similarly, goes deeper. It also involves calculating a building’s energetic footprint, using the year it was built and its magnetic orientation to understand the home’s energetic natal blueprint and how it supports the homeowners in their relationships, health and prosperity.

“It’s like reading a person’s natal chart, but I’m reading the energy of the home’s chart,” she said. “It gives me much more information to create positive shifts in the energy field of the home, by usually making simple changes involving arrangement of décor and the addition of natural elements to create balance and harmony.”

Wistar treats both inner and outer issues, the former referring basically to the person and the latter to everything else, because they affect each other.

“Your home is a mirror of you,” she said. “We look at home as being separate from us, but everything in your home is like a vision board, showing what you care about – or the lack of it, if you don’t know where you’re going with life.

 “Our homes hold energy like a matrix and sometimes things get stuck in the matrix,” she said. “I’ve had clients who have ghosts in their home and that can create problems, but there is also a lesson or gift in understanding why they attracted a home with ghosts in the first place. Once we understand their story and its message for the client, I can create access for them to cross over.”

Among the tools Wistar uses during a session are incense for space clearing, dowsing rods for divining practice, copper cures, crystals, bells, crystal singing bowls and a frequency device called Healy.

“My most important tools, however, are my listening skills, my heart, my intuition, my connection to Source, my eye for design, and my passion to help others,” she said.

What clients have said

When she’s done, clients feel “validation and closure,” now that something invisible, something that they didn’t understand, is gone, replaced by positive energy.

Ashley Sachs has hired Wistar twice, first for Awakened Beauty, her salon in New London, and then for her home in Lincoln University. “She walked through the door with a huge green bag like Mary Poppins filled with all kinds of beautiful tools that I instantly knew had some kind of special powers, capable of magic,” Sachs wrote about the service on her website.

Wistar’s work at the salon included extracting Sachs’ Feng Shui information from her birth data, exploring the space with dowsing rods, asking some thought-proving questions and cleansing the space with burning incense.

“The room felt lighter and stranger,” Sachs wrote. “I felt lighter, an unexpected but delightful side effect.”

Wistar’s work at Sachs’ home was similar and expanded to include suggestions on how to rearrange rooms to bring in Feng Shui elements and improve energy. Sachs said that she hadn’t felt connected or complete in the home, which she and her husband Greg had bought five years ago. Wistar’s work, Sachs wrote, “opened my eyes to what my home can be.”

Wistar’s longtime friend Leslie Moyer hired her a few years ago to fix “an awkward passageway that no one liked” in her Londonderry Township home, one that dogs Angus and Fey shunned in moving between the foyer and kitchen.

Wistar identified a negative vortex in the basement, right under the passageway, and her cure involved careful measurements and taping two copper rods to the concrete. The dogs immediately stopped shunning the space, even using it for naps.

“If there was something negative, it’s not there now,” Moyer said. “The dogs proved it. There’s never been an issue again. What happened is fascinating and mind-blowing.”

The Landenberg Loft

Wistar’s own home, bought in 2004, exemplifies her beliefs in several ways. She feels that she and Scott are just “stewards of the land,” a 2.75-acre property overlooking pleasingly rolling hills, including undevelopable land traversed by a Colonial pipeline.

Three years ago, they built a separate, three-story garage. The two lower levels are Scott’s man cave for his hobbies, and the top story is hers. She calls the space the Landenberg Loft, “a place for curious souls to gather for inspiration, empowerment and community.” She calls herself the transformational hostess.

“Scott is the caveman, and I’m the Oracle,” she said, laughing in jest. “Everything I put into it, I cherish. It’s like a retreat, a resort, nestled up like a treehouse.”

She hosted a few workshops until pandemic restrictions pushed her to move the Loft Loves movement to Facebook and virtual sessions.

As she explains on, “Kristin felt called to do this work, after getting off a rollercoaster of anxiety & depression in her own life, and realizing that it was not only a transformation of her home she needed, but also a deeper healing of her soul … and then forging a sacred union between the two.”

“Kristin’s not motivated by profit and growing her business,” Scott said, “but by helping people to heal themselves and making their home and their office become a nurturing and grounded place.

“She is helping them become the best of what they can be.”

To learn more about Kristin M. Wistar and The Landenberg Loft, visit