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La Comunidad Hispana officially changes name to LCH Health and Community Services

01/31/2021 11:49PM ● By Steven Hoffman
La Comunidad Hispana will now be officially known as LCH Health and Community Services
after announcing the name change last week.
LCH has undergone many changes since its founding in 1973.  Starting as a social services agency for immigrants new to the area, LCH has expanded and grown to meet the needs of over 8,000 community members annually through its integrated health centers, dental center, pediatrics office, women’s health care center, behavioral health services, and social assistance and education programming.  After growing to three locations in Kennett Square, West Grove, and Oxford, the community health center is finally legally changing its name to better reflect the many services that are available to all: LCH Health and Community Services. 
“This is so exciting, and long overdue,” said Margarita Garay Zarco, director of human resources and interim co-CEO.  “I have been a part of LCH for over ten years, and we have come so far in our capacity and ability to serve all.  LCH Health and Community Services is the perfect name to keep our history and culture while making our brand more accessible to the whole community.  I know our founders Peggy Harris and Margarita Quiñones, who brought our agency to life, would be proud of where we have come from and where we are going.”
The process started back in 2016.  “LCH underwent a logo change about five years ago, and calling ourselves ‘LCH’ really took off,” said Laura Mackiewicz, brand manager.  “It was the beginning of our brand update, and our legal name change is our last chapter. It has been such a wonderful opportunity to help the local communities get to know us and understand that we have so many services available to everyone.”
LCH will take the next several months to complete the updates.  “Anyone who has ever gone through it knows that a name change is definitely a process,” said Barbara Mancill, director of quality care and population health and interim co-CEO. “But it will be worth it.  Our name says what we do and will help those in need of care better find us and connect with us.”
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