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Van Gogh visits Kennett Square

12/22/2020 01:35PM ● By Steven Hoffman

Bove Jewelers, the premier jewelry store in Chester County, has enhanced its store at 124 W. State St. in Kennett Square by adding an exhibit of fine art that features a stunning collection of pieces by the masters—Van Gogh, Chagall, Seurat, Picasso, Dalí, Degas, Erte’ and Warhol, among them.

The exhibit is comprised of donations from customers’ private collections. 

The jewelry store is owned by brothers Bob and Matt Strehlau, whose family has been in the jewelry business for six generations. The closing of art museums at different times this year due to COVID-19 restrictions devastated art lovers everywhere. As art enthusiasts themselves, the Strehlau brothers hoped to bring some holiday cheer to the community by opening their very own art museum at the Kennett Square location.

“This pandemic has separated people from art, preventing them from enjoying beauty and being inspired,” said Bob Strehlau.  

It was Matt Strehlau, the Bove Jewelers COO, who suggested turning the jewelry store into a “museum” to display original masterpieces owned by Chester County residents for people to enjoy with their families over the holidays.  So, they contacted their clients for a big ask—to borrow their precious art. 

“We now have nearly 50 pieces of fine art that, for a limited time, will be on display in our store,” said Bob Strehlau. The Bove Private Collection consists of the headliner, a Vincent Van Gogh original titled ‘Landscape with Tree.’  Also on display are pieces by Marc Chagall, George Seurat, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Edgar Degas, Erte’ and Andy Warhol’s original painting of the Beatles’ John Lennon.

Established in 1929, Bove Jewelers offers customers designer and custom jewelry, platinum, gold, specialty items, watches and giftware. Bob Strehlau purchased the business in 2016 after managing it for the previous 15 years.  The Strehlau brothers love the fact that they can offer this rare opportunity to view the work of some of history’s best artists, especially during a time that has been so difficult for so many.

Bob explained, “Art is the perfect way to escape reality, and to be pulled into an artist’s world. I have always drawn inspiration, solace, and peace from art. My hope is that after enduring such a challenging year, our store can offer people another place to escape reality and find that same inner peace. This can be the perfect way for people to refresh their mindset as we enter a new year.”

The exhibit is free for visitors and is open through Jan. 4. The health and safety of customers is the top priority. at Bove Jewelers. The store is following all CDC, state, and local guidelines related to COVID-19 so only a few people at a time will be permitted in the store. Visitors are required to wear a mask, and the store is operating at 50 percent capacity and following social distancing guidelines. 

Contact Bob or Matt Strehlau for more information and to schedule a personal tour by their curators by calling 610-444-4525 or emailing [email protected]

Established in 1929, Bove Jewelers offers customers designer and custom jewelry, platinum, gold, specialty items, watches and giftware.