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KMS art students decorate Creamery for Dia de los Muertos event

10/28/2020 04:16PM ● By Steven Hoffman

Kennett Middle School art students are joining The Creamery and Casa Guanajuato to mark Day of the Dead -- Dia de los Muertos -- at the Creamery during the next two successive weekends, Oct 30 and Nov. 6.

Because of school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the students have recently been attending their classes at home virtually delivered by their teachers out of the Creamery in the 400 block of Birch Street. But last week they received the invitation to stop by after school hours and prepare three-dimensional decorations for the holiday which in Mexico recognizes and celebrates the memories of the deceased.

On Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 19 and 20, about 18, students each day arrived to decorate empty one-gallon milk containers with spooky colorful designs reminiscent of bare skulls using acrylic paint. Awaiting them with a large table filled with art supplies were teachers Amanda Clapp and Maryanne Uhl to move the event along.

Clapp said the students were brought by their parents following school lesson hours, and many of those parents stayed around to participate in the project.

Come this weekend, those decorated skulls will be hung around the center joining other art and sculpture pieces recognizing the diverse nature of the community. There will also be an exhibit called “Michoacan” in honor of the legend of the Monarch butterfly. Upon their annual winter migration to the country, the butterflies are looked upon by Mexicans as visits by their deceased relatives.

Historic Kennett Square issued this announcement:

“As a tribute to the local Hispanic culture and to share with our Latinx brothers and sisters in celebration of their ancestral heritage, The Creamery of Kennett Square is pleased to have two consecutive weekends celebrating the Day of the Dead, including an art exhibition, offerings exhibitions, typical costumes reveal and more.”

Creamery office manager Elizabeth DeAngelis said that in addition to live music, entertainment and decorations, there will also be Mexican themed food and drink for sale.

Dia de los Muertos is celebrated with variety of traditions in Mexico on Nov. 2, just two days after Halloween in the United States. It honors loved ones who have passed. Survivors of those who have died generally visit the graves of their ancestors, decorate their graves, erect an altar to them in their homes and bring out some of their possession. It also features homemade crafts including toys and sweet figures made of sugar.

The Dia de los Muertos activities at the Creamery are being run and were designed by Casa Guanajuato of Kennett Square. It is an organization that promotes Mexican art, culture and traditions and makes them available for individuals in the local geographic area through street fairs and cultural education

The display will be free and will be open on Oct. 30 and 31, 3-8 p.m., Nov. 1, 1-6 p.m.; Nov. 6-7, 3-8 p.m., and Nov. 8, 1-6 p.m.

If you plan to stay at the Creamery after display they recommend making reservations at to secure a spot.

They ask that all people keep social distance and wear a face covering during the event.