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Township Spares Big Tree on Avondale Road

08/19/2020 06:03PM ● By Steven Hoffman
The London Grove Township supervisors explored traffic safety options related to a large tree on West Avondale Road near the boundary with New London Township during a recent meeting.
On Wednesday, July 5, London Grove Township’s public works director Sean Kinsey responded to concerns from the residents of Fox Chase development that the wide and imposing tree which skirts the edge of the road might be the cause of increased traffic accidents. Some residents had suggested that the tree, which abuts the road just east of Hipkins Road and is near a slight curve, be taken down.

Kinsey reported that he conducted an investigation into the situation, which first began by looking at the highway statistics. He discovered that in two years there had been 11 accidents at the site, none of which could be attributed to the presence of the tree. He said he drove around the area many times at many speeds from opposite directions and tried to determine how to address the issue. He even recorded a drone look at it. He said he concluded that taking down the tree would probably not solve the problem. In fact, he added, the absence of the tree might give drivers a feeling of openness that would encourage them to drive faster – and speed seemed to be the main cause of the accidents.

He added that having the township remove the tree might set a bad precedent in the future regarding the removal of other trees.

The supervisors concluded by consent to have the white stripes on the side of the road near the tree painted wider so it would give the drivers the sense they were on a narrower road and ultimately prompt them to slow down. The cost for that painting, Kinsey said, would be about $300.

In other business, the supervisors gave unanimous approval to a motion allowing Sean Franklin, a 16-year-old Boy Scout and Avon Grove High School junior, to create a video about Goddard Park. Franklin told the board that he has made videos before and is interested in audio visuals and computer education at school. Ultimately, he added, the video will become part of the Goddard Park website.

The supervisors also approved, by a 3-1 vote, the installation of two electric vehicle charging stations – one at the Inniscrone Golf Course and one at the township building. The cost would be close to a net zero because of rebates that are available.  The dissenting vote came from Steve Zurl, who said he does not believe the township should be in the vehicle charging business.,
Township Manager Ken Battin reported that the golf course has been achieving high revenues recently.

The board also approved safety and health regulations for food trucks that carry on business in the township.