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Ball & Thistle Pub now open for take-out dining

04/21/2020 02:45PM ● By Steven Hoffman

The Ball & Thistle Pub has reopened for take-out orders this week so diners can now enjoy slow-roasted pork ribs broiled and basted in barbecue sauce, a seven-layer lasagna, crispy, roasted chicken finished with pan gravy and served with roasted vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes, and a wide variety of delicious creations prepared by award-winning executive chef Jim Clarke.

Clarke was recently brought on board as the new chef of the Wyncote Golf Club’s restaurants in Lower Oxford Township, and golf club president Jim Pepple is excited to unveil some of the offerings that will be featured on a brand new menu.

In addition to the barbecue ribs, lasagna, and roasted chicken, Pepple said that the selection of new entrees includes ribeye steak that is charbroiled with a demi-glaze and served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, beer-battered haddock filets that are hand dipped and fried until they are golden brown, and a combo featuring a half-rack of ribs with either a half-order of chicken wings or a quartered chicken that he thinks patrons will love.

The take-out menu also includes a nice assortment of burgers, salads, and appetizers that will please any family. A Kennett burger is topped with Swiss cheese and mushrooms from Kennett Square. The crab bruschetta includes lump crab meat, tomato concasse, fresh basil, and a blend of mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Appetizers include Wyncote wings, cheesesteak egg rolls that are house-made with Sriracha ketchup, local mushrooms stuffed with crab imperial, and more. Longtime favorites like the Wyncote Burger and a wedge salad topped with bleu cheese dressing, bacon, and diced tomatoes remain on the menu.

Pepple said that he gave Clarke the reins when it came to developing a new menu, although there was some collaboration as Pepple made sure to include the golf course superintendent, the special events coordinator and the pro shop director in discussions about the menu. They all had insights into what  items had been popular with guests on previous menus. 

Clarke comes to Wyncote with the experience necessary to develop a fantastic menu. He was previously the chef at the Mendenhall Inn, and Pepple is looking forward to seeing what direction he will take Wyncote’s restaurants. The Wyncote Golf Club opened in 1993, and the highly acclaimed restaurants debuted in 2000.

Offering take-out orders is a small, but significant step toward normalcy for the Wyncote Golf Club, and Pepple said that he’s grateful that the Ball & Thistle Pub can once again serve the community. Offering take-out food allows Wyncote to bring back a significant portion of the staff that hasn’t been able to work since the Wyncote restaurants closed on March 19. The golf course remains closed as of now as part of the state’s plan to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Pepple is hoping that Pennsylvania golf courses will soon be able to open because they offer safe recreation for people where they have plenty of room to observe all rules about social distancing. At this time last year, when the restaurants and the golf course were all in full swing, there were 43 employees working at Wyncote, Pepple said.

The Ball & Thistle Pub is open for take-outs from noon to 7 p.m. every day. Orders can be placed by calling 610-998-1414 or by going to the Wyncote website. As a way to maximize the safety for the staff and customers, all orders must be paid for in advance with a credit card. Diners can drive up to the front door of the clubhouse and pick up the take-out orders.

“I’m curious to see how this works,” Pepple said of the take-out dining. He added that they are really looking forward to the time when the restaurants can welcome their guests inside again.

“We are prepared to follow all CDC guidelines and safely spacing everyone out when we have the permission to do that again,” Pepple said.