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Kudos to Tyson for 25 years at the Lighthouse

02/18/2020 04:08PM ● By Steven Hoffman

In late March, the new issue of Southern Chester County Connections will be published. The Chester County Press works with the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce on this publication, which showcases the good work of the Chamber of Commerce and its members. One of the stories in the upcoming issue features a look at some of the new leaders of a few of the non-profits in the area. A story like that could be written once a year, every year, because there are literally dozens of organizations that work to improve the lives of residents in the area, and there are regular changes in leadership at these organizations.

It’s rare for the executive director to remain with a non-profit organization for even five years. Ten years is pretty remarkable. That’s what makes Buzz Tyson’s tenure with the Lighthouse Youth Center in Oxford even more impressive.

Tyson reached 25 years with the organization in late January—during the same week that the Lighthouse itself celebrated its 32nd anniversary of serving the Oxford community.

During that time, thousands of children and teenagers have benefited from the programs and services that the Lighthouse offers. Tyson, the Lighthouse staff, and a dedicated team of volunteers have created a supportive environment for children and teens in the Oxford community. The Lighthouse is a place where the youngsters can get help with homework or play games with their friends. The Lighthouse provides meals. The programs and services are constantly evolving to meet the needs of youngsters in the community. 

After 25 years, it’s clear that Tyson and the youth center are a perfect fit.

A new home for the Oxford Area Historical Association

Speaking of perfect fits, in last week’s Chester County Press, we had a story about the Oxford Area Historical Association’s interest in the current Oxford Borough Hall as a possible new home.

Oxford Borough will be vacating the building at 401 Market Street when the new administration building is ready. The building once served as a train station.

The last passenger train rolled through Oxford at some point during the Truman Administration. The borough has owned the building, it is believed, since sometime in the 1970s. It’s a quaint building, but as anyone who has ever attended a meeting there would attest, it is wholly inadequate for public meetings.

By contrast, it would seem that having the building serve as the home of the Oxford Area Historical Association is a perfect fit. The borough building itself is a part of Oxford’s history. We hope that a way can be found for the building to be the home for the Oxford Area Historical Association and its expanding collections.