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Good luck to those who now have the responsibility of leading Chester County

01/07/2020 12:40PM ● By Steven Hoffman

The three members of the Chester County Board of Commissioners—Michelle Kichline, Marian Moskowitz, and Josh Maxwell—have taken their oaths of office. It is now their responsibility to lead Chester County in this new year and new decade.

In addition to the three County Commissioners, the county leadership team now includes Deb Ryan as District Attorney, Fredda Maddox as Sheriff, Chris Pielli as Recorder of Deeds, Debbie Bookman as Prothonotary and Michele Vaughn as Register of Wills. These county officials were elected in November because of their promises of new ideas and their pledges to bring not just good, but better, government to Chester County.  They now have the benefit—and the challenge—of leading a county that consistently ranks among the very best in the state in a wide variety of areas.

Chester County is the most educated county in Pennsylvania, and the local economy reflects that strength. Chester County has been recognized as one of the top 24 best-managed counties in the entire country. It has been ranked as a top-ten place to raise a family. It is also the healthiest county in Pennsylvania, a ranking that takes into account a variety of quality-of-life issues.

The county has an award-winning open space program as well as an excellent comprehensive plan that has helped preserve the quality of life for residents.

The county has consistently invested in the revitalization of downtowns like Kennett Square, West Grove, and Oxford. The lasting results of this investment can be seen in the improved streetscapes, the much-improved infrastructure, and the commercial growth in these downtowns.

All this has been accomplished while keeping the county’s tax rate comparatively low.

So the new leaders of the county now have the challenge, and the chance, to move Chester County forward. Even a team that’s in first place can improve its performance. The first-place team that gets complacent and stops trying to improve itself isn’t in first place for long.

It’s a big responsibility for Maxwell, Kichline, Moskowitz, the row officers, and the many hundreds of county employees. Many challenges certainly lie ahead. We wish the new county officials the best of luck as they work to shape Chester County’s future.