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Exciting new entertainment at this year’s Unionville Community Fair

09/23/2019 02:06PM ● By J. Chambless

The first car show at the Unionville Community Fair will take place on Saturday, Oct. 5. A large variety of classic, antique, and custom cars will be on display.

By Steven Hoffman
Staff Writer

Each year, the Unionville Community Fair adds new activities and entertainment for visitors to enjoy. The entertainment, like the fair itself, is always carefully planned out to appeal to people of all ages and with all different interests.

One exciting new attraction at the fair this year, which runs from Oct. 4 to 6, is the haunted tent. Visitors will step inside a 30-foot-by-60-foot tent that has been set up like a maze. The maze will lead people past, or into, seven different rooms, each one with a different, scary theme.

Ed Schultz is one of the fair volunteers who helped organize the haunted tent. He explained that the general concept is that there will be actors in each of the rooms to provide some fun frights for the guests.

According to Schultz, the fair has received support from KATS (Kennett Amateur Theater Society as well as from student groups from Unionville and Oxford high schools to help plan the haunted tents.

The haunted tent will be open for younger people from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The scare factor will be lower during these times. For more mature visitors, the tent will be open from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. There will be a $5 fee for guests to tour the haunted tent.

Another new attraction this year is the mobile escape room that will be set up at the fair. This will offer participants a unique experience that is fun and challenging. Participants will need to work together as a team to solve unique and challenging puzzles, clues, and escape before time runs out. The mobile escape room is being presented by Randy Bates’ company.

The 2019 fair will also feature an antique auto show showcasing a wide variety of vintage, classic restored, and custom cars. The car show takes place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 5.

Mike Moretti, who is helping to organize the antique auto show, said that interest has been very strong so far in the event. Anyone who has a cool car that they would like to showcase can register for the event at

“We’re going to have everything that you would expect to see at a car show,” Moretti explained.

Moretti is the co-owner of the Unionville Garage & Tire with Isaac Soto, Jr. They wanted to become involved with the Unionville Community Fair and help out by organizing the auto show because it helps support the local community, which really comes together for the fair.

“I wanted to donate my time back to the community,” Moretti said. “The car show will help bring people to the fair.”

Moretti added that one thing that he would like the car show to accomplish is “to get the younger generation into the cars and customization, and to show them it’s still cool to build things with your hands and to fix things instead of throwing them away.”

Volunteers like Moretti and Schultz spend a lot of time and put a lot of work into planning fun attractions and entertainment for visitors to the Unionville Community Fair.

Schultz explained that he became a volunteer with the fair after he was asked to help set up tables for the event. He is now on the fair’s Board of Directors, and is the Facilities Director for the event. He and his wife help coordinate the food vendors.

“We feel the fair is worthwhile as a chance for both adults and children to showcase and celebrate their achievements in the display of things like homegrown vegetables, crafts, pictures or art,” Schultz explained. “Plus, we do some things just for fun.”

Music is a big part of the fun at the fair. One of the performers this year is Late Ambitions, a Unionville-based rock party band.

Rick Giacco, a member of Late Ambitions, explained that the band plays all types of rock music. 

“We play at local venues like The Creamery, as well as parties, and we enjoy contributing our performances to great local causes like The Mushroom Cap Half Marathon and the Unionville Community Fair,” Giacco explained.

Food is another important part of the Unionville Community Fair. This year, a food truck festival is planned for Sunday, Oct. 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Dr. Ryan Tamburrino, an orthodontist at the Center for Orthodontic Excellence in Unionville, helped plan the food truck festival, and he said that they expect to have about 15 different food trucks, offering a wide variety of foods, take part in the event.

“Typically, we’ve had food trucks at the fair,” Tamburrino explained, “and this year we wanted to do something different. There’s a lot of great food trucks in the area, so we thought that a food truck festival would be good.”

To stay up to date about all the entertainment and attractions, visit the Unionville Community Fair’s website or Facebook page.

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