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East Nottingham Twp. recognizes Estes’ work as a junior supervisor

08/19/2019 12:47PM ● By Steven Hoffman

Elizabeth Estes recently completed her term as a junior supervisor for East Nottingham Township. The Oxford Area High School senior was the first person to ever serve in that role for the township.

At the Aug. 13 township meeting, the East Nottingham Township Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution honoring Estes for her exemplary service as a junior supervisor.

Joe Herlihy, the chairman of the Board of Supervisors, read the resolution, which stated, in part: “Elizabeth Estes has served with distinction as a junior member of the East Nottingham Township Board of Supervisors.

(D)uring her tenure (she) has reported on a monthly basis and has been actively involved in the community as well as the Oxford Area High School community.”

The resolution also stated that Estes conducted herself in a “dignified, faithful, and professional manner” during her time as a junior supervisor.

Estes was interested in serving as a junior supervisor because she is considering a career in government or politics, and she thought the opportunity to serve as a junior supervisor would be a good learning experience.

That absolutely turned out to be the case, she said.

“I think this really helped me improve my communications skills—communicating with [township secretary] Kelli Karlton, the supervisors, and the residents,” she said.

Initially, Estes said, she was surprised at how nervous she was when she would speak during meetings, but it got easier each time, and she felt much more comfortable toward the end of her term.

During her 10 months as a junior supervisor, Estes also undertook a riparian buffer project to help improve the community. Estes thanked the township supervisors and officials, as well as the residents of East Nottingham Township, for giving her the opportunity.

“It was amazing,” she said. “It was an experience that you can’t get with other programs.”

East Nottingham Township is currently accepting applications for students interested in serving as the junior supervisor for the next year. The position is open to all high school juniors and seniors residing in the township. The application deadline is Sept. 1.

If you have any questions, contact Kelli Karlton, township secretary, at 610-932-8494.