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Local Primary Election races take shape

04/02/2019 12:19PM ● By Steven Hoffman

The Pennsylvania Primary Election will take place on Tuesday, May 21, and some of the local races are starting to take shape as candidates file for positions on the ballot. The list of candidates is still unofficial, but here's a look at some of the people who have filed to run in the 2019 Primary Election:

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan is seeking reelection and is the only Republican on the Primary ballot. Deb Ryan is running as a Democrat.

Chester County Sheriff Carolyn B. Welsh is not seeking reelection so there is a pretty crowded field to replace her. Four Democrats are seeking the nomination, including Joe Lunsford of East Fallowfield Township, Fredda Maddox of Birmingham Township, Mike Sarro of West Bradford Township, and Dan Boyle of Pennsbury Township. On the Republican side, Jim Fitzgerald is seeking the nomination.

Republican Matt Holliday of West Chester Borough is the incumbent prothonotary, and he is seeking reelection. On the Democratic side, Debbie Bookman of Coatesville Borough and Joe Heffern of East Fallowfield Township have filed.

Terri Clark, the incumbent Chester County Register of Wills, is seeking reelection and is the lone Republican on the ballot. Lisa Longo and Michele Vaughn will be vying for the Democratic nomination.

With no incumbent running for the county Recorder of Deeds position, Amber Little-Turner, a Republican from Coatesville Borough, and Chris Pielli, a Democrat from West Goshen Township, have filed for the Primary Election.

There are numerous board of supervisor positions up for grabs in the 2019 election cycle.

In East Nottingham Township, there are three seats up for election this year because of two resignations on the board. Republican David Smoker has filed to fill the six-year term on the board. For the unexpired two-year term, William Weaver, a Republican, has filed for the position. For the unexpired four-year term, Phillip Brenner, Jr. has filed for the Democratic nomination, while John Wallace has filed for the Republican nomination.

In Elk Township, Milt Rudy has filed for a six-year term on the board of supervisors.

Incumbent Richard Leff is seeking another term as a supervisor in Kennett Township. He appears to have a clear path to the Democratic nomination, while Hunter Tower has filed for the Republican nomination.

In London Britain Township, Brian Sachs has filed for the Democratic nomination, while Russell McKinnon has filed for the Republican nomination.

Incumbent Joel Brown is running for a six-year term on the Lower Oxford Township Board of Supervisors.

Mary Anne Steel, a Democrat, is seeking reelection as a supervisor in New London Township.

In Upper Oxford Township, Republican Scott Rugan is seeking reelection to another six-year term.

Antonio Pedulla is seeking the Democratic nomination while William Winand is seeking the Republican nomination in West Nottingham Township.

In East Marlborough Township, with two seats up for grabs, Democrats Robert Jerger and Eric Matuszak have filed, while incumbent John Sarro and Shelley May Mincer are seeking the Republican nominations. For the unexpired two-year term, Bruce Jameson is seeking to be elected as a Republican.

There are also two seats up for election in Franklin Township, where Democrats David Gerstenhaber and Mary McVeigh and Republicans David Snyder and Brent Van Lith have filed.

In London Grove Township, Dina Manceva and Christine Allison are the Democrats and Richard Scott-Harper and Kevin Runey are the Republicans who are seeking the nominations. There are two seats up for election this cycle.

In New Garden Township, where two seats are up for election, Republicans Richard Ayotte and Randy Geouque are both seeking reelection, while David Unger has filed for the Democrat nomination.

There are two seats up for election in Penn Township, where Democrat Victor Mantegna is seeking reelection, while Laura Sperratore and incumbent Ken Bryson are seeking the Republican nominations.

In Avondale Borough, there are two council seats up for election. Republicans David Besselman and Stephen Cummings are seeking reelection. Paul Morgan is seeking the Democratic nomination.

The purpose of the Primary Election is to determine the nominees who will be on the ballot for the general election in November. The last day to register before the Primary Election is April 22. The Chester County Press will have more details about the Primary Election in the coming weeks.