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A salute to good times at Square Pear Gallery

02/04/2019 02:49PM ● By J. Chambless

'Double Your Pleasure' by Kyle Whary.

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

This month's show at the Square Pear Fine Art Gallery in Kennett Square is titled “Food, Wine and Good Times,” so it encompasses several artists you'll know – and a few you might not – all focusing on the celebratory theme in one way or another.

In the front room of the gallery are works by local art star Jeff Schaller, whose large, pop-art style paintings are always delightful. There's nothing but highlights, from the monumental “Cheer” – a dazzling cocktail, end-of-Prohibition photo and the detergent logo – to the slinky, sophisticated “Cocktail,” which uses black-on-black to its sexy, stylish best.

Michael Buszco's watercolors capture the gleam of glassware in several still lifes, but Kyle Whary's acrylics of cocktail glasses and bottles are little symphonies of reflected light and colors. “Double Your Pleasure” is a seductive pair of martinis in amber light, and “Ode to Joy,” the largest piece, brings together a rainbow of liquids, bottles and glasses in a supreme challenge for any artist.

Kim Hoescht's indoor/outdoor oils have a lovely, contrasting light and sumptuous colors. “Table for Two” is a composition of diners at a distant table, seen through a doorway in a slanting afternoon light.

Brad Earl's two sun-warmed restaurant exteriors are elegant and fun, with sharp contrasts and finely observed architectural details.

Dane Tilghman's stylized, nostalgic paintings have a distinctive spirit, and his huge “The Neighbors Next Door” is a sweely nostalgic grouping of people that's painted in dazzling colors.

And speaking of colors, Al Moretti has a wall of musician portraits that sizzle with all the energy of a live performance. The abstracted backgrounds and pushed-to-the-limit palette make a very impressive grouping. His “Miles,” a portrait of jazz great Miles Davis, gets the artist's introspective gaze and personal intensity just right.

Square Pear Fine Art Gallery (200 E. State St., Kennett Square) is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 484-883-5429 for more information.

To contact Staff Writer John Chambless, email [email protected].