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Meadowcroft to resign as East Nottingham Township supervisor

11/20/2018 02:14PM ● By Steven Hoffman

Toward the conclusion of the Nov. 13 East Nottingham Township Board of Supervisors meeting, Shelley Meadowcroft announced that she is resigning from her position as a township supervisor.

The immediate reactions from those in attendance ranged from shock and sadness to, well, shock and sadness.

Meadowcroft, a supervisor since 2016, said that she was resigning from the East Nottingham board because construction work on her family’s home will make it necessary for a brief move out of the township that could last four or five months. The regulations pertaining to residency requirements are straight forward, she said, and she did not feel that it was appropriate for her to serve as a township supervisor if she couldn’t meet all the requirements.

“It is a hard decision to make, and I didn’t think I would be as emotional as I am,” she said, struggling to fight back tears. “I shouldn’t take up a seat on this board if I don’t live in the township.”

Meadowcroft said that her resignation would be effective on Nov. 29. She also said that it has been an honor to serve as a supervisor in East Nottingham Township.

Several people asked if there wasn’t a way for Meadowcroft to continue to serve on the board until the construction work is finished. One person offered to have the Meadowcroft family move in with them. Meadowcroft expressed her gratitude, but said that resigning was the right thing to do at this time.

The East Nottingham Township Board of Supervisors will have to formally accept Meadowcroft's resignation at an upcoming township meeting, and then begin the process of filling the vacancy by seeking applicants and conducting interviews. The next township meeting takes place on Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. in the township building.