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Uncle Irvin: Midsummer ramblings

08/14/2018 10:49AM ● By Richard Gaw
Summer is always slow in the news business and 2018 is no exception, so it's a good time to look ahead to the fall, and to 2019.

Kennett Library

It's hard to believe that anything is going to happen with the proposed new Kennett Library facility. Months have passed and there is no news of any sort. There is no mention of a public fundraising campaign, and not even one architectural rendering has been offered to the public. No one supports a new, larger library with ample free parking more than Uncle Irvin, but I am elderly and may never be able to use it!

Elections 2018 and beyond

With the wind at their backs, Chester County Democrats, fresh off a row office sweep in the 2017 election, look to gain more ground in the November midterms by taking a seat in Congress and pulling off State House upsets of incumbents. The year 2019 brings another municipal election, with all three County Commissioner seats up for grabs. The Democrats could take full control of Chester County government for the first time ever!

Discipline in our schools

It's been several months since the “showdown” at the Unionville-Chadds Ford School Board's public meeting, when some faculty members protested a lack of student discipline. With a new school year fast approaching, the administration of superintendent John Sanville has not publicly addressed this serious problem, nor have any of the other school districts publicly addressed how they intend to punish students who don't behave. Shame!

(This is an occasional column written by Uncle Irvin. As always, the column is the opinion of Uncle Irvin, and is not a news story.)