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Diverse artists reflect 'The Colors of Summer'

08/06/2018 11:00AM ● By J. Chambless

'Afterglow' by Ann Guidera-Matey.

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

“The Colors of Summer” is a good title for a show that's all about vibrant hues, used in very different ways by a range of artists. The show, which opened last weekend at the Square Pear Gallery in Kennett Square, reflects the meticulous selection of works that has become the gallery's hallmark.

David Eldreth's abstract fields of color paintings are featured in the front gallery space, and one of Lauren Litwa's surreal, dreamlike paintings, “The Portal,” hangs behind the front desk, welcoming you to the show.

Lidia Kohutiak will be a newcomer for Chester County art lovers, and her formal floral still lifes have a warm, glowing palette. Elsewhere, Ann Guidera-Matey gets sunset colors that are so vivid you nearly need to shade your eyes. Her three marshland landscapes are wonderfully vivid and serene.

Matiko Mamaladze's work will be familiar, and she is represented here by some powerfully painted floral still lifes that have a rich texture and a not-too-arranged spontaneity that gives them a welcoming informality.

Patricia Walkar's floral silk paintings are striking, with blooms bordered in sketchy lines that make the images look like X-rays of leaves, perhaps. They have a captivating energy to them. Her smaller abstracts show a different aspect to her work, but they are just as brightly colored. In the same gallery space are three watercolors of cactuses and blooms by Helen Springer.

Kathryn Nosca is another surprise, and her small oil paintings of animals peeking out at the viewer through geometric portals are immediately captivating. The quizzical expressions are chaming, but it's the microscopically detailed landscapes behind the animals that will beckon you closer. The grass, streams, clouds and hills are fascinating vistas unto themselves, and exquisitely painted.

New to the gallery this month are shelves that will showcase ceramics or other small three-dimensional works on a regular basis. There's a nice selection of painted pottery pieces by the late artist Mitch Lyons on display right now.

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