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TreeTops Kitty Cafe to celebrate first anniversary on Aug. 11

07/31/2018 10:24AM ● By J. Chambless

Bergen and Luke Soltow of Hockessin snuggle with Tiger at the TreeTops Kitty Cafe in Kennett Square. The Cafe will be hosting its first anniversary event on Aug. 11.

By Richard L. Gaw
Staff Writer

The ever-increasing number on the wall at the non-profit TreeTops Kitty Cafe in Kennett Square tells the best story of how far the welcoming hideaway on State Street has come in its one year of existence, and last week, the number read 165.

That is the number of forever homes that have been found for the cats that are given love and care at the Cafe while they wait for their future owners. In between, the cafe has become a refuge for everyone from feline lovers to passers-by who stop in occasionally to have a cup of tea, sit in a comfortable chair and snuggle with one of a multitude of cats who enjoy their company.

“The model of a kitty cafe is to allow people to come in and hang out with the cats, but it's a place where someone who wishes to adopt a cat can see a potential cat in the same environment as their home, roaming free,” said manger Holly Yeatman. “It's created a much better environment. It gives the community the chance to come by and do something different, and it's a far more gentle method of caring for the cats who are with us.”

Then there are those who come to TreeTops Kitty Cafe for another reason.

“We have a list of all of our adoptable cats on the board, and a binder that lists the profiles of every cat, and there is also the luxury of having quality time with each cat to get to know their personality,” said assistant Hannah April. “It's really become such a different experience for prospective cat owners.”

To celebrate the one-year mark of a business whose matrix combines comfort, caring and community, TreeTops Kitty Cafe is hosting its “First Anniversary Kennett Kitty Cat Stroll” on Aug. 11, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For an individual $25 ticket or $40 for a family of four, participants will receive a stroll card and get it stamped at participating shops along State Street and beyond, while enjoying free gifts, coupons and samples at Talula's Table, Bove Jewelers, the Mushroom Cap, Victory Brewing Company and the Kennett Brewing Company; and at Mary Pat's Provisions, Rump Roasters and the Paradocx Vineyard tasting room in the The Market at Liberty Place.

“It will be a wonderful opportunity for our guests to take in a stroll of Kennett Square and meet our neighbors,” Yeatman said.

The event will also serve as one of two fundraising events this year, the proceeds of which will go directly to operating expenses.

Tree Tops Animal Rescue, a 501c3 tax deductible non-profit and the Cafe's partnering organization, has helped find homes for over 2,000 pets since 2006. After relying on foster families to care for rescued animals as pets in their homes for several years, it opened the Cafe in 2017, where cats could live in a home-like environment while waiting for adoption.

In its first year, the Cafe's revenue has relied on sales, entry and adoption fees and small donations from visitors – which help pay for operating costs and the care of rescued animals – but much more is needed in term of donations and sponsorships in order to cover all expenses, so the Cafe can remain open.

“Our cats are so deserving of forever homes, and they need somewhere to go,” April said. “We are providing them with comfort and care, but this isn't their permanent home. We love seeing them every day, but even more than that, we love seeing them on their way home.”

To learn more about the TreeTops Kitty Cafe “First Anniversary Kennett Kitty Cat Stroll” or to make a donation, visit, the TreeTops Kitty Cafe Facebook page, or stop by the Cafe at 305 West Street, Kennett Square. Tickets to the event may also be purchased at Bavarian Motorsport, 600 West Cypress Street, Kennett Square.

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