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U-CF superintendent issues statement on school shooting

02/15/2018 12:48PM ● By J. Chambless
Unionville-Chadds Ford School District superintendent John Sanville issued this message on the district's website on Feb. 15, regarding the school shooting in Florida:

There are no words to express my feelings in the aftermath of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.  What can I possibly say that will convey my horror, sadness, outrage, and disbelief? 

We cannot imagine the grief of those whose children and loved ones were​ killed - in what should be a safe haven - a school.  With school shootings becoming more commonplace – as a society we must find a way to prevent another tragedy – for the sake of our children​,​ this must be a priority.

While our children are safe and looking forward to a long weekend we know that the news of this tragedy has gotten the attention of many of our students. While I ask we all keep close to our hearts those killed in Florida, their classmates who had to witness unspeakable violence, and everyone at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, also hold your kids, friends​,​ and each other a little closer.   Unionville-Chadds Ford is feeling the pain and suffering of the entire Parkland, Florida community.

Going forward I ask that we all be even more connected, observant, and honest.   In your homes, on your streets, in your neighborhoods, at schools be ready and willing to listen, talk, and understand.   There are so many feelings, thoughts, and ideas and when they are shared the connections grow stronger. ​ UCF is an active and involved community where all kinds of sports, arts, and activities thrive.  When you are out and about take note of what and who you see.  Look around.  Listen.  Remember.  Finally, be honest - with yourself and about others.  If there is someone or something wrong​ - report it.   When we are connected, see clearly, and tell the truth we narrow the entryway for ​the ​kind of senseless violence that happened yesterday. 

For today​,​ let’s keep close to our children and any child in harm’s way.  Let’s squeeze hands a little tighter when crossing the road. Let’s listen more carefully to the unfairness of spelling tests.  Let’s remember that teenagers still want us to lead the way.  Let’s remind our kids that they are the best part of us.  Let’s start right now.