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Uncle Irvin: State is missing marijuana taxes

01/09/2018 11:44AM ● By Richard Gaw
As usual, the Pennsylvania General Assembly and our local lawmakers, Sen. Andrew Dinniman and Representatives John Lawrence and Eric Roe, have their collective heads in the sand.
Just when Pennsylvania has legalized medical marijuana, eight other states, including California, have legalized recreational cannabis in any form, to any adult. And they are reaping huge tax revenues!
A winery in California is making and selling a red wine laced with cannabis for $50 a bottle, which will enhance California's state treasury with a vice tax, not a property tax or income sales tax.
Other states and counties are preparing to sell recreational cannabis-enhanced tobacco products and beer, to name just a few. Billions of dollars in taxes from cannabis users are going to be reaped by states with legislatures and governors who are smart and progressive. Pennsylvania should replace its medical marijuana law with statutes that will bring in billions in taxes, so that sales and property taxes can be reduced.
Uncle Irvin does not drink any alcoholic beverages, does not smoke or chew tobacco, and does not use medical marijuana.

(This is part of an occasional column written by Uncle Irvin. As always, the column is the opinion of Uncle Irvin, and is not a news story.)