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Uncle Irvin: East Marlborough's Halloween joke?

10/24/2017 04:36PM ● By Richard Gaw
Apparently, East Marlborough Township has more police cars than police officers and they are playing Halloween tricks with their extra cars, along with scarecrow cops.
East Marlborough Police have been parking these old cars, with a dummy behind the wheel, in areas of the township where crimes may likely be committed and on roads where motorists may be speeding. My wife and I spotted a police car and dummy at the wheel on the side of School House Road recently.
Seriously, as funny as this method sounds, it's being used all over the United States to deter crime and speeding at little or no cost to taxpayers. We read of widespread use of these old police cars, some without dummies, in Sarasota, Fla., for example.
As well as being devious, East Marlborough should be part of a regional police force with Kennett Square and Kennett Township.

(This is part of an occasional column written by Uncle Irvin. As always, the column is the opinion of Uncle Irvin, and is not a news story.)