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Register to vote, and then vote on Nov. 7

09/26/2017 03:57PM ● By Steven Hoffman

The deadline to register to vote is quickly approaching.

Anyone in Chester County wishing to exercise his or her right to vote in the upcoming municipal election on Nov. 7 must be registered before Oct. 10.

There are many important local elections taking place this time around. In fact, there may be more candidates vying for contested seats than at any time in recent history. The races for seats on Oxford Borough Council and Kennett Square Borough Council, in particular, should be interesting considering the number of people who are vying for those seats. Oxford Borough also has a contested mayoral election.

Local elections too often get overlooked, but the decisions that get made at the local level have significance in our everyday lives. Will a parking garage benefit Oxford Borough? How will Kennett Square manage its growth? The people who win on Election Day will be making decisions that shape the future for the local boroughs and townships.

School board elections are important, too. Look at the Avon Grove School Board election. Four incumbents are seeking re-election in the district’s three regions, and four newcomers with a differing vision for the district are challenging for those seats. The school board is in the early stages of making a decision about how to address the district’s facilities needs. How are the educational needs of students balanced with the fiscal constraints that each school district operates under? The candidates who get elected to the Avon Grove School Board will likely make decisions that have a far-reaching impact on students and taxpayers in the district for years to come. Senior citizens on fixed incomes should have their voices heard on Election Day. So should parents of current students in the district, as well as anyone who lives in the district and might have children attending schools in the future.

Democracy works best when we, as citizens, care enough to participate in it. If you’re not already registered to vote, make sure to do so before Oct. 10—and then go out and vote on Nov. 7.