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Franklin Supervisors celebrate stop sign approval

08/22/2017 10:01AM ● By J. Chambless

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

The Aug. 16 meeting of the Franklin Township Board of Supervisors started with some happy news and congratulations regarding the approval of a four-way stop at Appleton Road and Strickersville Road.

Appleton Road is used heavily by residents of nearby housing developments, and it cuts through a property that is now being farmed by Amish families. Traffic on Strickersville Road has to stop, but the traffic on Appleton Road does not. The Amish family members must cross the road several times a day to get to their barn, and residents were concerned about young children or horse-drawn wagons being in harm's way.

Neighbor and former supervisor Nan Latimer had led an effort to get stop signs put up on Appleton Road, but her effort and several attempts by the Franklin Board of Supervisors had failed to convince PennDOT to alter the intersection. Over the past couple of months, the township stepped up efforts, and on Aug. 11, PennDOT called to say that the stop signs would be put in place.

At the meeting, Latimer thanked those who helped the project, congratulating Democrats and Republicans for working together with PennDOT. She thanked the township staff, the Board of Supervisors, and Rep. John Lawrence and Sen. Andy Dinniman for writing letters to PennDOT about the intersection. Later in the meeting, supervisor Penny Schenk reminded the board that Latimer had purchased stop signs for PennDOT to use at the intersection and recommended that the township refund Latimer’s money. PennDOT uses specially marked signs at their intersections, but the township can use the signs Latimer bought in other locations where stop signs are needed. The supervisors agreed with Schenk’s recommendation.

In other business, Paul Lagasse of the Historical Commission/HARB reported that the group had reviewed the Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) for 3313 Appleton Rd. The new owners of the property were at the meeting and are enthusiastic about restoring the home. Lagasse said that the owners provided the HARB with a thorough application. The board unanimously granted the COA for porch, chimney and roof repairs.

The issues surrounding the township's MS4 requirement were updated as well. The Department of Environmental Protection-mandated program is intended to manage stormwater. As part of the township’s MS4 Permit Application, due on Sept. 16, the township must supply a TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Plan for sediment and nutrients in the Christina River Basin. Township stormwater engineer, Linda Cluck, said that although the township has exceeded the MS4 requirements in the eastern section of urbanized areas, the percentages must be lowered in the middle and western sections. The township can lower the percentages by implementing stream bank restorations, tree plantings, and stormwater basin retrofits. Further details will be announced at next month's meeting.

The board authorized the installation of guiderails on portions of South Guernsey Road and Laurel Bridge Road. The work will be done by Morgan Rail, the lowest responsible bidder, in the amount of $48,538.

As part of an expansion plan for the Avon Grove Charter School, which includes the addition of a third grade, a three-way stop at Franklin and Peacedale roads has been recommended. Resident Suzie Harris brought the sight distance issue at the intersection to the board’s attention at last month’s meeting. The board agreed that turning this intersection into a three-way stop would be an important safety improvement. As part of the remedy, vegetation that is blocking sight lines will be cut back, and the township engineer will develop a plan for stop sign placement and road markings. The board authorized the advertising of an ordinance regarding the installation of an additional stop sign on Peacedale Road East, and removing the “Except for Right Hand Turn” on the stop sign at Peacedale Road West at its intersection with Franklin Road, making it an all-way stop intersection.

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