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Uncle Irvin: A promising start

06/13/2017 11:58AM ● By Richard Gaw
The recent introduction of the proposed Kennett Library/Borough building complex looks like a promising start of what will be a long, Herculean task.
The common building as proposed looks like a better deal for the borough than the library. The design calls for underground parking, which is expensive to construct, and also calls for paid parking and meters. This concept will work for visitors to the Kennett facilities, but not for visitors to the Kennett Library.
Library visitors want – no, demand – free, on-site parking with plenty of handicap spaces. To spend millions to upgrade the Kennett Free Library and not to have 50 free spaces will kill fundraising at all levels, and the building will never happen. If this complex building is to succeed, the library must get free parking concessions from the borough to begin with.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)