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New sculpture installed by local artist in Kennett Square

06/06/2017 01:16PM ● By J. Chambless

Local artist Rob Sigafoos with his sculpture, titled 'Kennett Squared.' (Photo by Adrian Gibbs)

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

The first piece of public art in Kennett Square was installed on the morning of May 30 and formally dedicated on June 2.

The new sculpture was installed last week on the Genesis Walkway. (Photo by Adrian Gibbs)

 “Kennett Squared,” by local sculptor Rob Sigafoos, now stands on the Genesis Walkway downtown, where many visitors walk from the parking garage to the stores and restaurants on State Street. The artist's work has already been seen downtown, although most people don't know it's by him. The sign for the Philter coffee shop is a creation by Sigafoos and local artist Katee Boyle.

“It will be the first public art piece in Kennett,” Sigafoos said of the new installation during a recent interview. “I didn't want to do something so radical that people wouldn't get it. I worked with the borough and the people there.

“Now, there's a big move to do more public art in Kennett. What I want to do is copyright the image of this new sculpture and lease it to Kennett for $1 a year, with the provision that any money that comes from it – if it ends up on T-shirts and coffee mugs, that kind of thing – that money goes to support public art in Kennett by Chester County artists,” Sigafoos said. “There's a tremendous amount of incredibly talented artists in this county. We don't need to import people from New York. We have so many artists here that it's well worth promoting their work.”