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Uncle Irvin: County Commissioners hiding reassessment

05/09/2017 10:11AM ● By Richard Gaw
Last month, Uncle Irvin wrote a column about a court-mandated property reassessment in Delaware County.
A Delaware County Common Pleas judge is upholding a plaintiff's contention that Delaware County's property tax is unconstitutional because it has not been reassessed in 20 years, and is not fair and uniform. Uncle Irvin pointed out that Chester County had not conducted a statewide reassessment since 1998, and would also have to conduct a countywide property reassessment imminently.
The three elected County Commissioners are solely responsible for countywide property reassessment. Two are Republicans – Terence Farrell and Michelle Kichline – and the other is Democrat Cathy Cozzone. Thus far, they have not talked about the countywide property reassessment issue.
At least one third of Chester County's residential and commercial assessments are way too high, putting undue pressure on these property owners to pay a higher share of ballooning school taxes than other property owners.
Uncle Irvin is requesting that the three County Commissioners step up and tell the taxpayers when and how reassessment will be conducted in Chester County.
If they don't act, we should all remind them again.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)