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Uncle Irvin: The Route 1 and Route 796 intersection looks rosier

03/21/2017 12:41PM ● By Richard Gaw
Penn Township has recently turned to PA Act 209 to guarantee costs for the widening of the intersection near Route 1 and Route 796.
Act 209 permits municipalities to offset costs of extensive reconfiguration by charging an impact fee against new development in order to generate revenue for funding costs of capital improvement.
According to Curtis Mason, the chairman of Penn Township Board of Supervisors, the adoption of Act 209 forces stakeholders to fund their share of the intersection improvements.
The major stakeholders of the Route 1 and Route 796 project are Penn Township (Red Rose Inn), R.J. Waters (the shopping center in Jennersville) and Beiler Campbell (which owns the open corner lot).
Act 209 forces their financial contributions subject to property liens.
Mason stated recently that a consultant has been hired for design work, while another has been retained to work on the financial shares of the stakeholders.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)