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The power of 'Thank you'

03/16/2017 09:47AM ● By J. Chambless

One of artist Roberta Little's daily 'thank you' reminders posted on her website.

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

It began with one woman's wish to adopt an attitude of thankfulness. And on March 18, all of Kennett Square is invited to join in.

The Thank You Project was the brainchild of artist Roberta Little, who lives in the borough and exhibits her mixed-media constructions at Mala Galleria. On her website, Little explained the background of what may become a regional movement.

Artist Roberta Little started her personal gratitude project before sharing the idea with others.

 “While vacationing during the holidays, it came to me that verbally expressing appreciation might not be enough to convey our gratitude for all the gifts we had been given,” Little wrote. “I enlisted my grandchildren and their friends to help create a video or slide show of “thank you” photographs. The excitement and teamwork drove this project to creative levels beyond expectations. Kids arranged socks, shoes, sugar, wrote in the snow, on a napkin, arranged paper cups, yarn, pretzels. When the finished product was presented at the end of our stay, smiles, laughter abounded. We shared a lasting memory with deeper meaning for each of us.

“My intention for 2017 is to post a new photo each day for Thank You Project,” Little continued. “I form the words 'Thank You' with found objects, food items, etc., then photograph it and post the picture on a Facebook page. By taking a few moments each day to spell these words physically, gratitude fills my heart with feeling and purpose.”

On March 18, both Little and Mala Galleria owner Stella Scott will begin taking Little's idea to a larger scale.

Stella Scott of Mala Galleria in Kennett Square is working with artist Roberta Little to make gratitude a town project.

 To participate in the launch, business owners are asked to use any language, and arrange objects to spell out “Thank You,” then take a photo and post it to social media, tagging Thank You Project. There is a Facebook page (, as well as Instagram (#thankyouproject1), and a website that gives background on the project ( “We are encouraging everyone to participate in Thank You Project Kennett Square,” Little wrote. “It is simple, costs nothing, and your expression of gratitude will be posted publicly! Let’s prove gratitude mushrooms in our community. If we work together, the Borough of Historic Kennett Square may garner attention as the birthplace of Thank You Project.”

On the website, Little writes, “I was asked who I am thanking. Perhaps this exercise in meditation is similar to the concept of Tibetan prayer flags. I'm putting my gratitude out into the universe. This appreciation is all inclusive most days, but sometimes I think of one small thing, person, place or event. I am living today in purposeful gratitude.”

Contributors are asked to post a limited description of their photos in one to two sentences, and include a first name, last initial and city and state. For the official launch on March 18, businesses submitting a photo will get a link to their websites added to their photos in a gallery. More than 50 local business owners and service providers have agreed to take part in the Thank You Project, according to Scott.

“Please help us spread the word,” the project website states. “Make signs, write 'thank you' in your windows. Let’s bring attention to our unique community. Our next phase will be to invite all service groups and residents of Kennett Square to join our Thank You Project.”

Participants are asked to contact Roberta Little at [email protected], or Scott at [email protected] to let them know how many people are participating.

To contact Staff Writer John Chambless, email [email protected].