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Uncle Irvin: Democrats abandon state Constitution

01/24/2017 01:43PM ● By Richard Gaw
Since Democrat Kathy Cozzone was elected minority County Commissioner years ago, replacing now State Sen. Andrew Dinniman, the Chester County Democrats, through Commissioner Cozzone, have decided to renounce responsibility as minority Party Commissioner.
Cozzone has decided that she supersedes the state Constitution and has abandoned her role to disagree with her two GOP Commissioners. So all major decisions are now handed down as unanimous, including the 5 percent millage increase for 2017.
Dinniman, who was minority County Commissioner for many terms and now is a state Senator, did no such thing as abrogate his vote of dissent, challenged his GOP colleagues on many occasions, and did not vote with the GOP majority many, many times -- always stating his reasons for dissent.
Dinniman acted like a minority Commissioner was supposed to act.
The Democrats in Chester County are very close to the GOP in voter registration, and Democrats often, like in 2016, win state and federal elections. But they have never won a county row office. The existing Democrat leadership in Chester County is virtually non-existent, even though they are close in registration, and have supported Cozzone's wimpy position and continue to re-elect her, even though she is not doing her job.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)