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Masked man with gun reported on Lincoln University campus

11/15/2016 12:47PM ● By Richard Gaw
By Richard L. Gaw
Staff Writer

On Nov. 14 at 11:18 p.m., a Lincoln University student reported to campus police what she believed was the presence of a male figure, sighted between one university building and one off-campus building. She reported that he was dressed entirely in black, wearing either a white mask or white face make-up, and carrying what she reported was a large rifle.
At 12:00 a.m., the university sent an Incident Response Improvement System (IRIS) report to the entire university community – including all students, which read, “Lincoln University Police and the  Pennsylvania State Police are currently searching for a male subject dressed in all black wearing a white mask or a face painted white. The subject was seen at 11:18 p.m. in the area between Foster House and ASL, possibly carrying some type of long weapon. Students are urged to stay in their dorms for the rest of the evening.”
“We've been monitoring everything on social media, because our students tweet all kinds of stuff, and nothing has been going on,” said Maureen O. Stokes, associate vice president of external relations, marketing & communications. “Last night, a student said she thought she saw someone dressed in all black with either a white mask or a painted white face, [carrying] what looked like a large rifle. Her words were, 'We thought,' so with an abundance of caution, at 11:18 p.m., [the university] put out the IRIS  report, telling students to stay inside.”
After a thorough, nearly hour-long search of the university's perimeter, Stokes said that the university sent out another alert to the community, indicating that no evidence had been found, but advised students to remain indoors.
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