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Uncle Irvin: Former U-CF school director still snooping!

10/04/2016 01:10PM ● By Richard Gaw
Keith Knauss served on the U-CF school board for many years, beginning with the double referendum losses that stopped the U-CF board from raising taxes above the maximum permitted by the state.
Knauss was a very, very conscientious school director, even though Uncle Irvin didn't agree with some of his votes, particularly those that involved failure to save money through privatization and teacher's compensation and non-accountability.
When Knauss left the school board, he apparently kept scrutinizing local school district budgeting practices. Knauss recently discovered that the Lower Merion School District was “cooking the books” by raising taxes while they were sitting on a huge cash surplus.
Knauss's discovery came to the attention of a Lower Merion resident, Arthur Wolk, Esq., an eminent aviation litigator. Wolk filed a lawsuit against the Lower Merion School District based on Knauss's findings, and Knauss was the only witness in a recent trial in Norristown.
After Knauss's testimony, the judge halted the trial and ordered the Lower Merion School District to refund the excess tax money to taxpayers.
According to Knauss, the Downingtown, Central Bucks, and Upper Perkiomen school districts may be doing the same thing, and local TV station NBC-10 is working on a story about this school board fraud.
Keith Knauss should be commended for his continuing scrutiny and interest in policing overzealous school board spending.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)