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Uncle Irvin: 15 years late!

08/30/2016 01:52PM ● By Richard Gaw
Something that should have happened 15 years ago is finally happening now: The formation of a Kennett Area Regional Library Task Force.
A joint endeavor by the Kennett Library, Kennett Square Borough, Kennett Township, East and West Marlborough townships, New Garden Township, Newlin and Pocopson townships is what should have taken place 15 years ago, instead of finger pointing and petty arguments over the location of a new, larger library with off-street parking. The task force is going to study a regional library by means of a Vision partnership grant. Hopefully, the study will give the community a picture of what is doable with regional agreement to move forward without bickering.
If a location in Kennett Square Borough can be found that puts the new library alongside a borough administration and community cultural center, all the better. That possibility, however, is a real long shot, especially when you factor in the square feet needed for 50 to 75 off-street parking spaces.
Without the necessary off-street parking, a new library is no better than the present site, and not worth the money to build and relocate.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)