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Chester County Press

Uncle Irvin: Knew them all!

02/09/2016 01:16PM ● By Richard Gaw

The front-page article in the Jan. 20 Chester County Press, which saluted the 10-year term of Oxford Mayor Geoffrey L. Henry, brought back memories of all the Mayors that the Press covered and that I knew since 1956 -- some better than others.

Outside of John H. Ware III, who was the last Burgess before the Legislature changed the title to Mayor, I'd rate the following Best in Class in no order: John I. Watson, John W. Roberts, and Harold Gray.

"Wimpy" Gray was a retired Oxford police officer who was a friend of everyone and had a genuine "love affair" with Oxford Borough. Wimpy had a spotless record as a police officer, although he was lightly reprimanded for driving a police car in uniform to the Acme for some "free goodies," like all the cops did at one time or another.

Perhaps the most intelligent and serious mayor was John W. Roberts. "Roberts Rules" was not named for him, but John was always prim and proper and sometimes over-zealous in his duties.

By and large, all of Oxford's recent Mayors served honorably and faithfully, and the town should be proud of them all.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)