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Vote for Arrowood and Fetterolf for Oxford School Board

10/27/2015 05:22PM ● By Steven Hoffman

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Donna Arrowood and Becky Fetterolf as at-large candidates for Oxford Area School Board.

Donna is a lifelong resident of the Oxford area. She graduated from Oxford Area High School, as did her two daughters, and currently has one grandchild attending the school district. She does and always has had a vested interest in the quality of education received by the students of this district, and at the same time she makes sure it is accomplished in a financially responsible manner. Her 30-year tenure working in the school district's administration offices gives her a tremendous knowledge how a school district is structured and operated.

In my opinion, she has demonstrated those qualities in her past years as a school board member. I have known Donna since our days in high school, and I support her re-election.
Becky is a newcomer as a candidate for the school board, but is not new to the Oxford Area schools. I have known her since her days in high school with my son and daughter. She is an Oxford Area High School graduate, and currently has two children attending our district. Her desire to see that the current students of this district receive the same quality education that she obtained is evident by her willingness to commit the time it takes to serve the residents of this community.
I strongly believe that a good school board should consist of a mixture of long-time residents with “sweat equity" in the schools and community, along with "new blood" to bring in fresh ideas and to make sure things are not done a certain way just because "that's the way we always do it." While writing this letter, I realized that I wasn't sure to which party either of these women are registered. But, it really doesn't matter to me. These school board seats shouldn't be political, they should be chosen based on who would best represent our kids, our schools, and our community.

In my opinion, both of these candidates would serve our community well, and I ask that you join me in supporting them on Nov. 3.

Jim McLeod

Oxford Borough