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Uncle Irvin: Another plan to sit on

10/06/2015 12:17PM ● By Richard Gaw

Courtesy of the Chester County Commissioners who assigned two county planners, Oxford Borough has another Revitalization Plan to sit on, because it's virtually guaranteed the Oxford Borough Council will not implement anything in the plan, just like the last one the county did in 2003.

The money spent on Oxford infrastructure has come solely from grants. Uncle Irvin cannot recall any significant private money spent to improve downtown Oxford since the Peoples Bank was renovated almost 40 years ago.

A while back, two buildings on Locust Street, across from the post office, went up for sale. A few astute borough leaders advocated that the Borough Council should buy the buildings, which were old and dilapidated, and tear them down for a free parking lot right in the center of town.

Now, longtime business people Vernon and Ediene Ringler say they want free parking available that is visible to visitors.

Uncle Irvin came to Oxford in 1970, and Vernon and Ediene Ringler have been successful downtown business owners and downtown real estate owners for more than 40 years. However, the Ringlers and their fellow commercial real estate owners have not put up private money for free parking zones.

Instead, Oxford Borough Council waits with a tin cup, collecting grants and gifts, and does nothing to seek private investment.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)