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Uncle Irvin: From chaos comes change

09/29/2015 01:53PM ● By Richard Gaw
The recent meltdown of the leadership of the Kennett Library, and the concomitant hostile relationship between the library and Kennett Square Borough Council, seems to have abated.

In its place, changes have been made by both sides, setting the platform for constructive dialogue and ultimately the adoption of a plan for the library being crafted by community leaders and the formation of a public task force.

Oxford, a much smaller and less affluent neighbor, has recently opened a new library addition, increasing its size and scope. Unlike Kennett, Oxford's library succeeded largely because the library board, committee leaders and citizens were on the same page and worked together to reconcile differences.

This much we know:

1. The Kennett Library needs a large expansion to fulfill its destiny.

2. The "new" library must be supported by ample free parking on site!

Let's get to work!

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)