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Adjacent townships differ widely

08/26/2015 09:30AM ● By J. Chambless
By Uncle Irvin

Even though they are next-door neighbors, Penn and London Grove townships are really on different planets.
London Grove has been dysfunctional and has not operated with any level of competence for at least 15 years. Supervisor David Connors came riding into town and the next leader after Tom Houghton's heavy-handed leadership fired blanks and caused zoning fights. Connors likewise fell on his swollen ego and personally cost township residents thousands of dollars with his Arnold Palmer impersonation of how to run the township public course, Inniscrone, profitably, which it is surely not. Inniscrone is a money pit with over $1 million in township debt (owed by the residents) and a very dim future.
Now, look around the corner and see the new Red Rose Inn Community Hall taking shape. Penn Township bought out the blighted building with money from selling its sewer plant, and has used that interest-free capital to eventually bring township residents a historic landmark for public use as well as widen Route 796, allowing left turns.
While London Grove has been leaderless, Penn has had supervisor Curtis Mason and his team in control and ready to move forward. Penn is a model first-class township, while London Grove is very mediocre and gives a negative view of the old Route 1 corridor and supervisors who couldn't care less!

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)