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Uncle Irvin: Choices for May 19 judicial election

05/12/2015 01:30PM ● By Richard Gaw

Rarely, if ever, in my 40-year memory has a municipal primary had so many judicial contests in Chester County.

Common Pleas contests

One open seat.

The Chester County Democratic Committee has endorsed Julia Malloy-Good, a practicing attorney who has been rated as "qualified" by the Chester County Bar Association. She has cross-filed.

The Chester County Republican Committee has endorsed Allison Bell Royer, a practicing attorney who did not submit credentials to the Chester County Bar Association this year. Royer, however, submitted credentials for a recent Common Pleas election and was found "not qualified" by the Bar Association.

The Chester County Republican Committee bypassed two other attorneys found qualified by the Bar Association in favor of Royer. Royer has cross-filed.

Another Republican lawyer and incumbent District Justice for Kennett Square, Dan Maisano, who did not seek GOP endorsement, has also cross-filed.

So we have three candidates seeking both the Democratic and Republican nomination for the fall general election. The most promising talent, in my opinion, is Julia Malloy-Good, and since she cross-filed both Republicans and Democrats can vote for her on May 20.

In my opinion, the election of Allison Bell Royer would set a very bad precedent by cutting out the input of the Chester County Bar Association, whose members practice law with the judicial candidates and should know their qualifications better than anyone.

District Justice

District 15-4-04

Incumbent Matthew Seavey is seeking reelection to a seat he won as an endorsed Republican. Seavey was not endorsed for reelection by the GOP Committee members in the district, who voted to endorse newcomer Nicole Morley. Morley is an attorney and former assistant DA in Chester County.

Seavey has an unblemished record as a District Justice and ordinarily would be endorsed and reelected. Now, due solely to the vicissitudes of politics, Seavey is fighting for his job.

Both Morley and Seavey have cross-filed.

Fortunately for the citizens of that district, they don't lose with either Seavey or Morley, but Seavey has served honorably and does not deserve to lose his job.