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02/23/2015 11:34AM ● By Randy

A Letter from the Publisher

Welcome to the 2015 edition of PROGRESS, our annual publication that explores the continually-changing business culture of southern Chester County.

In this year's issue, dedicated to Women in Business, the Chester County Press is pleased to introduce you to 15 women currently making their mark in different professions and industries throughout southern Chester County. As you're about to read, each woman we are profiling comes to her job from her own unique background, with her own set of goals, with the influence of a wide variety of people and experiences. Through Q & A interviews, we introduce you to 12 women who are rising fast in the fields of human resources, law, medicine and health, agriculture and professional landscaping, wine making and more.

We also shine special light on three women we feel are doing some extraordinary work in their chosen fields: newly-elected Chester County Commissioner Michelle Kichline, United Way of Southern Chester County Chief Executive Officer Carrie Freeman, and Elizabeth Davis-Cerami, the owner and proprietor of Yo'R So Sweet in Kennett Square.

In this edition of PROGRESS, we think you'll find that each of these profiles takes you into the world of what truly makes these women unique, and more importantly, what makes their contributions to the vibrancy of southern Chester County so crucial to our future.

Randy Lieberman


[email protected]

2015 Progress Business & Industry Review