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Uncle Irvin: East Marlborough's Keystone Cops

02/17/2015 02:30PM ● By Richard Gaw

What purports to be a police department in East Marlborough Township is nothing but a disorganized band of basically part-timers and an aging chief who just announced his retirement, operating out of a broken-down trailer for an office.

Uncle Irvin has lived in East Marlborough Township for 45 years and has seen its rural character change to suburban, especially in the eastern part of the township. These changes have literally quadrupled East Marlborough's property tax millage, while the parsimonious supervisors are not interested in public services, such as recycling and police, that cost money.
For example, I have known supervisor Robert Weer for many years, and while he has served residents faithfully and honestly, he literally weeps when the township has to spend money for needed services.

The East Marlborough supervisors just finished a public park, which all other neighboring municipalities have had for years. It's high time the supervisors realize it's 2015, not 1915, and ratchet up the services that are required for 2015. This includes a police department that actually employs policemen and cruisers to patrol the township to keep it safe for residents.

Penn's New Bolton Center spends more on security than the entire township!

And the supervisors should at least inquire about joining the borough, Kennett and New Garden Township, which are are exploring a regional police force. No one likes to pay more taxes, but everyone wants a short response time when crime lurks.