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East Marlborough police chief announces his retirement

02/04/2015 08:56AM ● By J. Chambless

The retirement of Gerald Davis, the East Marlborough township Chief of Police , was announced at the Feb. 2 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Davis, who will retire this year after a 40-year career, was the first Chief of Police in the department.

In announcing the retirement, Cuyler Walker, the chairman of the Board of Supervisors, said Davis “has faithfully and selflessly been a dedicated public servant in this community, and we’re grateful for his dedication.”

Davis had told the board last year that he would be retiring this year. He has been working out of a trailer in the parking lot behind the township building, a facility which was the focus of considerable attention from the board in the past year. Last summer, Davis listed several items he needed, and suggested a new site for a new police headquarters near the new Unionville Park. In September, the board voted to put a new, larger trailer in place, but keep it at the township building site.
The current trailer is in faling condition. A pipe burst recently, damaging the flooring, which had to be repaired, at a cost to the township of $2,800.