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Severely Hypothermic Dog Rescued in Valley Township

01/14/2015 09:56AM ● By Kevin

The Animal Protective Services Department of the Chester County SPCA (CCSPCA) rescued a near-frozen dog in Valley Township on Saturday, Jan. 10.

When CCSPCA Humane Society Police Officer Kelsey Beam arrived, she found one shivering dog left outside on the property, and another who appeared to be deceased. A third dog, an eight-week-old puppy, was living inside the home. The two Chihuahua mixes, one female and one male, were in a urine-soaked wire cage with frozen water, no food, and exposed to temperatures topping at barely 20° F. The male Chihuahua, named Christopher Robin by CCSPCA staff and estimated to be approximately three-years old, was motionless and emaciated.

“Officer Beam was surprised that this poor dog still had a pulse,” said Frank Galbraith, Animal Protective Services Manager of the Chester County SPCA. “He appeared to be frozen to death.”

Upon Christopher’s arrival to the West Chester Animal Emergency Center, the dog’s temperature was so low that it did not register on thermometers. He was diagnosed with serious hypoglycemia and hypothermia. It was only after receiving heat support, intravenous fluids, and glucose did his temperature finally register at 90.4° F, nearly ten degrees lower than the temperature of a normal dog.

“The intervention of Chester County SPCA’s Animal Protective Services Department saved this dog’s life,” said Adam Lamb, Executive Director of the CCSPCA. “He no longer has to live in horrific conditions, and will get the second chance he deserves.”

Christopher is part of an ongoing investigation by the Chester County SPCA’s Animal Protective Services Department, and his former owner is likely to be prosecuted for several counts of animal cruelty. He is currently under the care of the veterinary staff at the Chester County SPCA, and despite the dog’s adversity, he is in good spirits and on the road to recovery.

“Had we arrived ten minutes later, Christopher’s story could have had a very different ending. I’m just happy we got there in time to save his life,” said Officer Beam.

The Chester County SPCA is seeking donations to subsidize medical costs incurred due to the neglect and mistreatment, as well as to continue to support the efforts of the Animal Protective Services Department within the county. To make a contribution, please visit

Information courtesy of Micaela Malloy, executive assistant, Chester County SPCA