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Why are Lower Oxford Township supervisors willing to amend existing zoning ordinances?

12/01/2014 11:22AM ● By Steven Hoffman

Letter to the Editor:

It is unclear why the Lower Oxford Township Board of Supervisors is planning to amend their existing zoning to accommodate a massive electronic billboard on property currently owned by Wilmer and Joyce Hostetter.

The public notice states that “All such copy face signs must be placed on a structure resembling a barn, will have a maximum sign area of 960 square feet,...with the entire structure not exceeding 50 feet.” The notice restricts the sign location to be 1,000 feet from a residential district, but does not restrict the “automatic changeable copy sign” from being in close proximity to the Amish farmhouse which was recently purchased from the Hostetter’s. The ordinance amendment establishes standards for conditional use hearings, but it would seem that, by establishing brightness levels of 7,500 nits, the township is willing to light up the sky at their hearing on December 10.

Blair Fleischmann