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Artesian applies for approval to begin water service to Wilkinson properties

11/20/2014 11:43AM ● By Richard Gaw

By Richard L. Gaw

Staff Writer

Artesian Water Pennsylvania, Inc., a subsidiary of Artesian Resources Corporation, has filed an application with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for approval to begin water service to several properties owned by the Wilkinson family in the vicinity of Buttonwood, Broad Run and Newark roads in Landenberg, including nine properties filed by local developer Charles Wilkinson.

The announcement that Artesian was applying to expand its service in New Garden was made at the Nov. 17 New Garden Board of Supervisors meeting, although the specifics of the application were not announced.

The application made by Artesian Water Pennsylvania, Inc. (AWPA) was filed on Nov. 3 by Brian C. Wauhop of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC, on behalf of AWPA.

AWPA has received petitions or other written requests from the following individuals/entities requesting that AWPA provide public water service to them in New Garden Township:

Scott and Kim Wilkinson – 1010 Broad Run Rd., and 222 Newark Rd.;

    Charles Wilkinson – 323 Buttonwood Rd.; 1044 Broad Run Rd.; 1015 Broad Run Rd; 941 Broad Run Rd.; 1020 Broad Run Rd.; 101 Newark Rd.; 218 Newark Rd.; 1029 Broad Run Rd.; and 211 Newark Rd.;

    Limestone Properties – 1045 Broad Run Rd.;

    Broad Run Valley, Inc. – 949 Broad Run Rd.

The property owners have expressed an interest in receiving water service for their properties. The application states that the entire area is zoned R-1 residential.

"In accordance with New Garden Township's zoning regulations, R-1 zoning requires all residential subdivisions containing more than five homes on more than five acres to be served by public water systems," the application read.

The application further stated that AWPA anticipates that it will enter into water service agreements with each property owner under terms consistent with its currently effective retail tariff, Tariff Water – Pa. P.U.C., No. 1. The application stated that the construction for all mains, hydrants and other facilities needed to provide public water service will be determined by the timing of the property owners' requests for service, and that water service and the construction of any needed facilities will only occur when a water service agreement has been executed.

These properties are all located adjacent to Artesian's existing well -- commonly known as "The Broad Run Well" – which is near the corner of Newark Road and Broad Run Road. Artesian purchased the property from the Wilkinson family several years ago. AWPA, the document states, expects to obtain governmental permits to operate the Broad Run Well by 2015.

"When operational, the Broad Run Well is expected to have capacity in excess of the anticipated water demand of all of AWPA's new and existing customers," the application read. "Current and new customers will benefit from more than one source of supply, which will allow AWPA to provide more reliable water service than it can today, without the Broad Run Well.

"Once the Broad Run Well is permitted, AWPA will complete the final design, permitting and construction of the treatment plant, which is anticipated to take two years," the application said. "During the design process, AWPA will design the transmission and service lines between the well site and the existing AWPA distribution system. Until the Broad Run treatment plant comes online in 2017, AWPA will continue to use AWC [Artesian Water Company] for supply."

The area encompasses nearly all of the picturesque valley where Newark Road meets Broad Run Road in Landenberg. The sizes of these properties range from a 4.45-acre parcel on 1020 Broad Run Rd., to a 49.9 acre hillside along Newark Road. Additional property includes a 30.5-acre tract on the Wilkinson Farm, and 5.5- and 12.7-acre properties at the corner of Broad Run and Newark roads.

A copy of the application was provided to the Chester County Board of Commissioners, the Chester County Planning Commission, the Chester Water Authority, the Office of Consumer Advocate, the Office of Small Business Advocate, the Delaware River Basin Commission, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Southeast Regional Office.

Under the heading, "Competitive Conditions and Nearby Service Providers," the application stated that while the Chester Water Authority supplies water to several portions of New Garden Township, it has expressed "no interest" to AWPA in providing water service to the property owners.

The application was verified on Nov. 3 by Dian C. Taylor, president and chief executive officer of Artesian Water Pennsylvania, Inc.

Charles Wilkinson chose not to comment on this story.