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A new slant on fundraising at Pocopson Elementary

09/17/2014 06:28PM ● By Lev

By John Chambless

Staff Writer

School is back in session, and that means the dreaded fundraiser season is already beginning.

To raise money to support school programs, students -- and their parents and family members -- are subjected to one product sale after another, resulting in an overload.

But Pocopson Elementary School is trying something new this year. It's a fundraiser that doesn't force anyone's co-workers to buy cheesecake they don't want. The Boosterthon Fun Run is a nine-day program that helps schools raise funds while getting students to live healthier lives.

The national company offers schools a package of curriculum, videos and event plans, as well as on-site helpers. This year's theme is "Rock’n Town Live!"

According to the company, more than 900,000 students in 1,300 schools across America will be taking part this year. This is the first year the program has been in the Philadelphia suburban area. Boosterthon has raised an estimated $100 million since its founding in 2001.

“Boosterthon exists to strengthen schools,” said Chris Carneal, company founder and president. “We do this by increasing funds and inspiring students through engaging character themes like 'Rock’n Town Live.' As a parent, I’ve seen how important community is in my children’s lives. That’s why we’re challenging students to build community in their schools and neighborhoods.”

Instead of selling a product, students gather pledges from friends and family for the number of laps they will run at the Boosterthon Fun Run. Schools can customize their fundraising goals.

Pocopson kicked off the Boosterthon program at a school assembly on Sept. 10. The program includes music videos that teach students five character lessons about building community: "Plug In To Serve," "Amplify Others," "Listen For Feedback," "Play Hard," and "Thank Your Crowd."

The Boosterthon culminates with the Family Fun Night at Pocopson on the evening of Sept. 19, when participants will be running their pledged laps.

The Boosterthon program is extended throughout the year. Each classroom gets a media pack with a DVD, CD and student workbook to continue the lessons about exercise and building strong character. For more information, visit   

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