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Oxford resident thanks emergency responders for saving his life

08/26/2014 09:20PM ● By Lev

Letter to the Editor:

Recently, I experienced a life-threatening situation. I was found in a diabetic coma at my home. They could not revive me and 911 was called. Officers Scott Richards, Pedro Melendez, and Scott Brown of the Oxford Police Department arrived quickly, followed by Vietta Wood and Matt Berstrand of Union Fire Company No. 1, and John Ripple of Southern Chester County Emergency Services.

I was quickly lifted down the steps from my second floor, which is no easy task since I weigh more than I should.

On the way to Jennersville Regional Hospital, I literally stopped breathing. They discovered my blood sugar was 25. They drove a spike in my leg because they could not find a vein to administer medications and the emergency attendant, Mtt Berstrand, forced a pipe down my throat and breathed air into my lungs. Shortly after, I heard two of the most comforting words in the dictionary, “Welcome back.”

The purpose of this letter is to thank the Oxford Police Department and Mr. Berstrand, Mrs. Wood, and Mr. Ripple for probably saving my life. If they had not been there the delay in time would have been crucial. To all of you, I cannot thank you enough. My life was in your hands and you came through.

I hope to get my voice back so that I can continue to praise God in song.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Carl Fretz