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Fraudsters are overtaxing us

06/18/2014 11:08AM ● By Acl

By Uncle Irvin

Every time an American citizen pays a tax levied by any public entity -- such as the U.S. government, school boards, state and local municipalities -- the tax is at least 30 percent higher than necessary if these governments were run like a business instead of a bloat.

That's called pickpocketing, and that's what Congress, state legislators, local school boards and municipalities are doing to taxpayers every day. Private businesses are the antithesis of government, because they can only charge the lowest prices for their goods and services, or they would have no business at all. The fact is, those who tax us couldn't care less about efficiency, corruption, over-staffing, nepotism, results, competition, etc., because they are using other people's money. Federal and state politicians and bureaucrats are skimming more money than they are worth, as well as misspending the rest.

Americans are so used to being overtaxed that most don't know or care to protest, so the problem of overtaxing compounds itself. Sometimes I think we need a revolution -- the kind that was caused by the King of England overtaxing the colonists, but without guns or warfare. We can only start this process at the ballot box by demanding that all government entities reduce spending at least 3 percent a year for the next five years, and freeze taxes without sacrificing essential services or quality, or take a hike.

Uncle Irvin was once a business owner, and I know I could cut 3 percent in a heartbeat from any public budget without sacrificing essential services.