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Historic church vandalized with graffiti

06/11/2014 11:24AM ● By Acl

The exterior of the United Methodist Church in Landenberg was recently defaced with graffiti.

By Richard L. Gaw

Staff Writer

The New Garden Township Police Department is investigating graffiti that was scrawled on the rear exterior of the United Methodist Church in Landenberg about one week ago.

Using what appears to be red spray paint, the vandal inscribed two symbols, 666 and a pentagram enclosed within a circle.  Additionally, there are two inscribed phrases, one of which indicates that the symbols are Satanic in nature. The damage was found by a church groundskeeper who was cutting the grass. The police department is checking nearby surveillance video for potential evidence, and speaking with neighbors. 

The damage to the church is not the first vandalism in Landenberg. Recently, several road signs were defaced with graffiti, and an entire row of mailboxes was damaged on Saw Mill Road.

“This church is a place of hope, and an incident of this kind is discouraging,” said Rev. Hun Ju Lee, pastor of the church. “This seems to be a problem in our area, because a lot of other signs in Landenberg are also being damaged. I'm really sorry that they have to express  themselves this way. It's time for our congregation to pray for them, and I hope and pray that God shows grace and mercy upon them.”      

The New Garden Township Police Department requests that victims of graffiti immediately contact the police; that they remove the evidence immediately after a police investigation; that they keep a record of repairs, because if a suspect is later identified, these records will be used for restitution; and that they report any suspicious activity to the police.